Day 1: Sarajevo

Pick up at the airport and transfer to the Hotel.

First thing today is Sarajevo histoy tour. We will explore old town of Sarajevo and find out how did Sarajevo get it's name? Why is it on the border between east and west? Why do we call it Jerusalem of Europe? Why did 20th century start and end here? How exactly did First world war start? How long does it take to walk from a mosque to catholic church to synagogue to orthodox church? What does Sarajevo has to teach the world? How do people live now? And many many more things about the city we love so much.

After the tour we will go for lunch to try the world fameous Sarajevski Ćevap.

Afternoon we will go on the Siege of Sarajevo tour. A tour of the longest siege in modern warfare. This tour will try to explain the life of a besieged city, the most important events and battles, the political and strategic situation and tell the history on why and how did the war start and end. We will visit Tunel DB, sniper nest, and the bobsled track.

Free time and dinner.

Day 2: Lukomir highland village

After breakfast, we will drive up to Bjelašnica olympic mountain. Today we will hike to Lukomir highland village. This is the most popular one day trip from Sarajevo. We start our tour on the southern slopes of Bjelašnica mountain, from medieval Umoljani village.

We will first make a short stop on ancient necropolis at Dolovi, and then continue towards the great serpent - Ažbaha, to tell the legent of the birth of Umoljani. We will then pass through Gradina - highland summer village, and go to Studeni Potok stream which takes us to a series of small waterfalls that fall 402m down into Rakitnica canyon. On the way, we will visit 40-metre Peruće Waterfall before continuing to Lukomir.

Lukomir village is a testament to old times. Village that lives the same life for more than 600 years, Bosnia’s highest and most isolated mountain village. The traditional lifestyles of the Dinaric highlanders are still practiced here, providing a unique window into Europe’s past.

On the edge of the village you will be treated to a breathtaking view of Rakitnica Canyon, which drops 800m below, as well as the neighbouring mountains. This is where we will have picnic lunch or traditional homemade lunch prepared by our hosts. You will also have the opportunity to purchase local handcrafts.

Return to Umoljani for dinner and sleeping.

Day 3: Neretva rafting

Departure from Umoljani, over Visočica mountain to Glavatičevo. Whitewater rafting on pristine Neretva river. Break at confluence of Rakitnica river into Neretva. Continuing rafting through the canyon down to Džajići village where we will have dinner and spend the night in bungalows.

*Optional visit to Tito's bunker.

Day 4: Mostar and paragliding

After breakfast (and optional swimm in the local waterfall), we will drive to Mostar. After checking in to a hotel, a walking tour of Old town of Mostar follows. Mostar is a UNESCO world heritage site best known for it's one of a kind 16th century Old bridge that spans Neretva river. We will talk about development of the capital of Herzegovina, see the most important landmarks like Koski Mehmed-pasha's mosque, Public bath, Karađozbey's mosque, Kujundžiluk street, Prijeka čaršija, Crooked bridge, and of course the Old bridge as the single most important monument in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will also climb a minaret for the best view on the Old bridge there is!

Afternoon is reserved for paragliding form slopes of Čabulja mountain and take us above Mostar!

After adventure, we will have calm dinner in the old town.

Day 5: Hiking Čabulja

Today we will hike Čabulja mountain. After breakfast we will drive to the starting point. The hike itself is medium difficulty and offers all kinds of terrain: from typical karst of Herzegovina to forests, and on the peak spectacular views on Prenj, Čvrsnica and Velež mountains and Drežnica canyon. We will reach the highest peak of čabulja in 3 hours and take another way back, to make a full circle.

We will be back in Mostar around 19:00 for dinner.

Day 6: Blagaj, Počitelj and Kravice

After breakfast we will go to Blagaj to visit Blagaj tekke, one of the oldest dervish houses in Bosnia, and undoubtly the most beautiful one. It's situated right at the largest spring in Europe, Vrelo Bune. After the visit, we will hike up to the top of the cliff, to visit medieval Blagaj fortress to tell the story how Herzegovina got its name.

For lunch we will drive to Počitelj. An unspoiled old town in a natural amphiteater looking on Neretva river. First lunch, and after we will quickly tell the story of the town, and then have free time to explore and take photos of this unreal place.

Next stop is Kravice waterfalls, where you will enjoy the sun, swimm and climb in the waterfalls.

Return to Sarajevo planned at 19:00.


The perfect combination of history, culture and adventure. This tour offers it all: sightseing, walking, hiking, rafting, jumping, swimming in waterfalls, paragliding. From the stories of the siege of Sarajevo to visiting the most isolated medieval village deep in Bjelašnica highlands, to whitewater rafting, to swiming in tropical-looking ensamble of Kravice waterfalls to crossing the Old bridge.

Highest Peak:

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