Welcome to Highlander Adventures blog!

    11th March, 2016

Highlander Adventures is a group of young and expert tour guides based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, dedicated to provide authentic and personalized adventure and cultural trips in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Our two main areas of expertise are mountain and memory tourism.

Our goal is to support and benefit from the creation of sustainable adventure travel market in Bosnia-Herzegovina with focus on people, ecology and growth. We are creating a network with destinations, activities, accommodations, service partners in Bosnia and tour operators worldwide. Our aim is to provide tailor-made tours for our interested guests and give them an unforgettable experience.

The blog itself will provide you with information about our services, new trips, special offers, reports from our adventures and memory trips, new hiking trails, recommendations, and all of the thing we are so passionate about in Bosnia... what to do in the mountains, in the cities, all around the country, and all that what is an absolute must-do in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

There will be posts about camping in highlands of Treskavica, climbing rugged peaks of Prenj, swimming in ice cold lakes and drinking water straight out of flowing rivers, instructions on how to make instant ice-tea, what did we eat the other day while camping on Čvrsnica, what is salep, how it looks like and why do we love it so much, and why is smoking shisha/nargila/hookah one of the most popular past time activities among youth of Sarajevo.

Join us in exploring all the gems of one of the most interesting and unknown places in Europe, we dare you to experience!

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