Sustainable tourism in Lukomir

    25th April, 2016

Sustainability is a big part in our trips. We always try to give as much as we can to the locals, use their services and promote their way of life in order to provide the guests with the most authentic and true experience. All our guests have seen our passion and commitment to sustainable development of destinations out of which everyone can profit. Last weekend we had two groups in Lukomir highland village, both of which saw the way in which we work and promote these values.

First one were students of Copenhagen Business Academy doing a project on sustainable tourism in Bosnia. They decided to do our Lukomir highland village tour and Sarajevo tour in order to analyse our service and the sustainability of tourist package we offer. We would like to thank Marija, Antonio, Amar and Erwan for choosing us to share this beautiful trip with.

Second group was Indonesian TV crew making a documentary about Lukomir for a TV series Jazirah Islam which is showing life of Muslims around the globe. Lukomir was the main reason of their visit to Bosnia. They stayed in Lukomir for two days. The Indonesian group came as a great example to Cphbusiness group to see the way we promote sustainability in our trips.

The hike to Lukomir was our standard one which we wrote about in this earlier post.

Hiking Lukomir Highlander adventures

At noon we were in Lukomir where home-made pita cooked by our host Emina was already waiting for us. Hanidah helped her make it, while the cameraman was filming the process for the TV series Jazirah Islam.

Hiking Lukomir Pita Highlander

And here's a photo of the amazing pitas Emina makes!

Indonesian group would stay in the village, sleeping in the locals houses, but we had to go back the same day. After the lunch we decided to change the hike back as we were rested enough, and had just enough time. We went on a trail going over Obalj peak between Lukomir and Umoljani. It's almost as long, but much more demanding than the regular Umoljani - Lukomir "highway". The beauty of this trail are the views on the canyon and the village from above.

Hiking Lukomir Bosnia Highlander Adventures

Talking about sustainability... we bought hand made wool socks from an old lady in Umoljani, we ate at Emina's place in Lukomir, the other group was sleeping in locals traditional houses, and we even had a group with traditional dances in Lukomir. These are direct ways we're supporting the local communities. We also constantly promote these amazing locations trying to create more demand so that people like Emina would also benefit from what we do. We believe this is pretty sustainable, but there is always more ways to improve the offer so that everybody would benefit from adventure tourism in Bosnian highlands.

Also, our stomacks benefit from those amazing pitas! Just look at it!

Pita Bosnia Lukomir Highlander

Check out more photos on our Instagram profile!

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