First spring hike - Lukomir!

    3rd April, 2016

The spring has arrived suddenly, so this Saturday we started our spring hiking season with the most popular hike in Bosnia: Lukomir highland village. 16,2 kilometres of easy hiking through one of the most beautiful canyons in Europe to the highest and most isolated village in Bosnia, a true highlanders heaven!

The first stop, as always, is at Dolovi necropolis, a medieval graveyard of Umoljani village, which will soon be a UNESCO World Heritage site (together with 21 other necropolis all over Bosnia and Herzegovina). The most interesting grave for everyone (out of around 50 which are still standing at this location) is the one showing a scene of traditional Bosnian dance:

Dolovi necropolis, Umoljani, Bosnia

As we had a lot of snow last week, and with sudden increase of temperature and beautiful spring weather, we had a perfect day and with streams at their maximum capacity, so we could enjoy waterfalls and refresh ourselves on our way to Lukomir. The most beautiful of all is Studeni potok (Cold creek), curving its way over Papratni do before plunging down 402 meters into Rakitnica canyon.

Studeni potok, Umoljani, Bosnia

Three hours through the canyon, and we're there! Lukomir is still empty, as all the snow melted unexpectedly, and the village is awaiting new visitors at the beginning of a new hiking season. Even the locals are down in the city. But that gave us the opportunity to have the village for ourselves and explore it as we wish. Lukomir always lives up to its name, but this time especially it was a harbour of peace!

Lukomir highland village, Bosnia

As the sun was closing to horizon, we headed back to Umoljani. This time seeing the canyon form a different perspective. We never get tired of the views. On the next photo we see another highland village - Bobovica, right across the canyon. (Rakitnica canyon trip is a hike that goes inside the caynon, follows Rakitnica river, and then climbs to Bobovica itself, but it's only for those adventurous enough!), and behind it - Treskavica, the most beautiful of all the mountains around Sarajevo (we offer one day trip to Treskavica lakes, or three day adventure which includes climbing the highest peak - Mala Ćaba, or two day Hiking the Front Lines trip which combines Treskavica and Bjelašnica)

Rakitnica canyon, Bobovica, Treskavica, Bosnia

Getting back to Studeni potok gave us another idea... Mesmerising curves of the stream are inviting us to try to raft down the curves while the water is still abundant (and hopefully not fall down the waterfall!). Maybe not and idea for a commercial tour like this one was... yet!

So... we have a plan, now let's just wait for another sunny day... and just hit the button: execute!

Studeni potok, Umoljani, Bosnia

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