Filming a documentary about Lukomir

    27th April, 2016

In the middle of April we organized a trip to Lukomir for the crew of Indonesian TV News Trans. They wanted to film the village for an episode of Jazirah Islam.

We were in great company of Hanidah Zaki, the person behind Jazirah Islam, a TV series showing the life of Muslims all around the globe. The main reason why they came to Bosnia is to film one episode about the life in Lukomir, the highest, most isolated village in Bosnia. As not everybody returned to Lukomir yet, we were not sure how much of a daily life we would be able to see and film, but just as we came, more people came back from the city as well.

We started the day with filming the process of making pita, traditional Bosnian dish, so popular that we say you haven't been to Bosnia if you don't try it. Hanidah, helped our host Emina in the preparation.

Lukomir Highlander Adventures Hiking trip

Pita was ready just in time for lunch when our other group, students from Copenhagen Business Academy arrived from Umoljani. We all had a lunch together, after which we walked to stećci necropolis where we talked about history of Lukomir and its people.

Lukomir Highlander Adventures Hiking trip

Student group went back to Umoljani over Obalj peak, while we were filming the village from Vijenac peak. In the evening we organized traditional Bosnian dances, and even Hanidah tried on the traditional dress and joined the dancing which proved to be much harder then it looks.

Lukomir Highlander Adventures Hiking trip

We spent the night in the traditional houses. They're small, but cosy, showing us how the life looked like for the last 600 years for the highlanders of Lukomir. The view in the morning is mesmerising.

Lukomir Highlander Adventures Hiking trip

The morning was reserved for filming the mosque and collecting herbs for mountain tea. And we're ready to go back to the city. Two days of beautiful Lukomir proved to be a great material for the episode. We can't wait to see the result.

Lukomir Highlander Adventures Hiking trip

We would like to thank Hanidah Zaki and Jazirah Islam crew for choosing Highlander Adventures for this trip to Lukomir, and we hope that the episode will bring more guests from South East Asia to these beautiful places.

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