Highlander Adventures is a group of young and expert tour guides based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are dedicated to provide authentic and personalized adventure and cultural trips in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Our two main areas of expertise are mountain and memory tourism. Our goal is to support and benefit from the creation of sustainable adventure travel market in Bosnia-Herzegovina with focus on people, ecology and growth. We are creating a network with destinations, activities, accommodations, service partners in Bosnia and tour operators worldwide. Our aim is to provide tailor-made tours for our interested guests and give them an unforgettable experience.


...this is the man who knows EVERY STONE in Sarajevo and passionate about sharing everything he knows about his country and his people (yes, thats a lot to share so you better be prepared for it!) ...Bosnia's reputation of war has certainly drowned out the reputation of it's beautiful countryside and hospitable people. Have a proper adventure with Kenan, you will know the country much better that way, and he is doing a bloody good job out of it!

Ka Wing, UK

I've rarely met someone so passionate about his culture and the history of his country. Kenan will give you great details about every building in Sarajevo, who constructed it and in which circumstances, then he will tell you the story behind the names of the villages, the crazy legends that surrounds them, with such passion that you'll be willing to believe all of them. I had the opportunity to visit many places with Highlander Adventures, such as Lukomir, Umoljani, Blagaj, Počitelj, Mostar, kravice waterfalls, Jajce and Štrbački buk. Everytime, the experience is amazing. Bosnia i Hercegovina is indeed a very beautiful country, rich of history, gorgeous nature and kind people. But it's even more interesting to discover it through guides who loves it, who knows it and who are willing to show you the best of it. I am sure your experience will be as memorable as was mine :)

Khaoula, Tunisia

The trip through Bosnia and Herzegovina was so great, that since I am back home, I want to make all my friends go there and see, how amazing country it is!!! Kenan is really excellent guide with great knowledge and big passion, which is so contagious, that you want to listen and remember all the things he's telling. He was also very patient and was answering all our questions about Bosnia and Herzegovina and believe me - we had lots of them! ...I am definitely coming back!!! :)))))

Patu, Poland